Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Thu Apr 15 21:00:17 PDT 2004

If memory serves me right, Mark Murray wrote:
> Andrew Thompson writes:
> > > SOME_COMMAND should have output entropy proportional to the seriousness
> > > of your threat model. For messing around at home, 'ls -alR /etc /var' is
> > > probably OK.
> > > 
> > > Something like 'echo foo' will work, but will start your RNG in a known
> > > insecure state.
> > > 
> > 
> > Ok. The build instructions may need to be updated, or I can see a lot of us
> ers
> > crying that their installworld has frozen.


> Yeah, we are on it! Thanks for the interest!

Hey Mark--

At some point, please remember the case of new installs.  I've been
trying to bootstrap a laptop to a new CURRENT from CD-ROM and I had
newfs [1] hanging on me because of this problem.

I was able to kickstart the random device from an emergency holographic
shell but this *needs* to be fixed before 5.3.



[1]  I think.  Something that happens after the fdisk and bsdlabel 
steps but before extracting distributions.

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