Current got unstable with submits of last 28 hours or so...

Holger Kipp Holger.Kipp at
Thu Apr 15 07:19:41 PDT 2004

I have two builds (each with cvsup just before):

#8 Wed Apr 14 11:17:48 CEST 2004
#9 Thu Apr 15 12:58:15 CEST 2004

first one runs without any problems(*), second freezes system within
a few minutes. Subtract buildworld/buildkernel-time (approx. 1 hour)
for cvsup-time ;-)
Freezing means: keyboard dead. no response to ping. nothing.

Setting hw.pci.do_powerstate=0 in loader.conf has no effect. This is
the default for #8. Default for #9 is hw.pci.do_powerstate=1.

#9 is freezing after less than 10 minutes (eg with ab test running)
   unfortunately this time is not always the same, but so far less
   than 10 minutes were always enough.

#9 once froze after shutdown (or so it seemed):

   syncing disks, buffers remaining... 7 7
   Uptime: 2m37s
   shuting down ACPI
   cpu_reset called on cpu#0
   cpu_reset: stopping other CPUs

   and then nothing. System just hanged.

None of these problems with #8.

This is a 2xXeon 3,2GHz HP ProLiant DL360.

(*) at least I haven't noticed any.

Holger Kipp

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