/etc/rc.d/ramdisk script for review

Wes Peters wes at softweyr.com
Wed Apr 14 13:33:19 PDT 2004

On Monday 12 April 2004 02:48 pm, masta wrote:
> Wes Peters wrote:
> >A question came up on the mimedefang-users mailing list today.  One
> >user who has recently converted from 4.8 to 5.2.1 was lamenting the
> >fact there is no way to control ownership and permission of memory
> >disks in 5.x.  The MIMEdefang spool area, often placed on a ramdisk
> >for speed, needs to be owned by the MIMEdefang user and group.
> >
> >I poked around at mdmfs, aka mount_mfs, and thought there should be
> >a more 5.x-ish way to create ramdisks early enough in the boot process
> >to just put them in /etc/fstab directly.  Here's what I came up with.
> I like the notion of having rc.conf nobs to do this stuff with, but we
> can already use /etc/fstab to configure a ramdisk as such:
> md                             /tmp           mfs
> rw,-s3m         0               0
> md                             /var            mfs
> rw,-s7m         0               0
> That is how I engineered wifibsd prior to the changes Brooks did to the
> diskless script of Matt's. It would seem to me that we
> could have the ownership options next to the "rw,-s7m" options fields
> which already exists. Something like "rw,-s7m,-Owes:staff", or similare.
> Since mount_md, or mdmfs, or whatever mount uses to do the task, could
> be changed to facilitate that one needful thing or using chown/chgrp,
> right?

No, because it can't change the ownership of the mount point after the 
mount, which is the point of the whole thing.  If you recall from the 
original message, this was to create a temporary space for MIMEdefang, 
which runs as an untrusted user and so needs the ownership set 
appropriately.  We use the same mechanism for virus scanning as well.

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