Optimizing RCng execution speed ?

Brian F. Feldman green at freebsd.org
Wed Apr 14 06:37:38 PDT 2004

Colin Percival <colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> At 21:00 13/04/2004, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> >The time-consuming bits are starting a new shell and sourcing the
> >config files.
>   Not quite.  The main configuration files don't get re-sourced
> each time -- rc.subr uses an "_rc_conf_loaded" variable to avoid
> this.  However, rc.subr itself gets re-sourced, which seems quite
> unnecessary; removing this (via an _rc_subr_loaded variable) gives
> a roughly 20% speedup.

Awesome!  Commit Commit Commit :)  We also need someone to do the same for 
ports these days...

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