Question: Planned Performance improvements? GIANT free ciss, bge,...?

Holger Kipp Holger.Kipp at
Wed Apr 14 02:13:55 PDT 2004

I haven't found an overview about the current timeline
regarding specific devices. As we are going to use a few
systems with 5-CURRENT for customer production environment
(webservers), can anyone comment on planned improvements
for the next few days/weeks (if any), especially

- GIANT removal for ciss and bge (the others as mentioned by
  dmesg are npx, acpi, ohci and atkbd).

- Other improvements regarding HTT and scheduling?

  currently, we have 11.3 web pages per second with SCHED_4BSD
                     11.5 web pages per second with SCHED_ULE
  with 0% idle under SCHED_4BSD, 5-7% idle under SCHED_ULE.
  (this is without witness or invariants, of course)
  (under 4.9-STABLE numbers are slightly below 11)

Holger Kipp

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