Mark Murray markm at FreeBSD.ORG
Tue Apr 13 08:55:13 PDT 2004

Andrew Thompson writes:
> With the latest dev/random commits I have been unable to installworld
> in single-user mode. mktemp blocks when trying to read the random
> device, I have confirmed this by doing 'hexdump /dev/random' which
> produces no output.
> after running '/etc/rc.d/random start' everything is working fine. Can
> anyone else confirm this?

This is a feature.

For now, kickstart the device with

# ${SOME_COMMAND} > /dev/random

SOME_COMMAND should have output entropy proportional to the seriousness
of your threat model. For messing around at home, 'ls -alR /etc /var' is
probably OK.

Something like 'echo foo' will work, but will start your RNG in a known
insecure state.

Mark Murray
iumop ap!sdn w,I idlaH

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