3Com 3c905 failed to attach

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Mon Apr 12 21:57:42 PDT 2004

In message: <20040412213855.M72681 at root.org>
            Nate Lawson <nate at root.org> writes:
: Perhaps the memory range isn't specified as contiguous resources.
: > pcib2: device xl0 requested decoded memory range 0xde000000-0xdeffffff
: > xl0: Lazy allocation of 0x1 bytes rid 0x14 type 3 at 0xde000000
: Output from devinfo -r after booting your kernel with xl0 would help.

I'm guessing that this card wants to be talked to with I/O ports and
the fact that it tried memory maps is a clue.  that used to fail, but
now succeeds.


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