very current won't mount /tmp

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Apr 12 19:18:29 PDT 2004

> :-( Something is walking on memory after freeing it, but it's not
> immediately clear what.

i swear i did not do it!!!  :-)

> If you boot single-user and don't mount file systems, etc, does running
> commands result in a panic?

well, the mount command does not cause a panic, as i can mount
filesystems.  what particular commands would you like me to try,
which are not on /usr, of course.

> it would be interesting to try mounting nfs, etc, incrementally until it
> does crash.

i don't do nfs, ancient prejudices.  same for yellow plague.

but it crashes on the last command in
  mount /usr
  mount /var
  mount /var/spool
  mount /tmp

or on
  mount /usr
  mount /var
  mount /var/spool
  vi ...

or on
  mount /usr
  mount /var
  mount /var/spool
  cd /usr/src
  make installworld

> If you back out a week or so (is that possible?) does life get better?

uh, i am happily running

  FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT (ROAM) #5: Tue Mar 30 06:00:03 PST 2004

gimme a cvsup tag you would like me to try


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