[patch] Xircom REM56G-100

Carlos Velasco freebsd at newipnet.com
Mon Apr 12 08:51:22 PDT 2004

On 12/04/2004 at 16:35 Scott Mitchell wrote:

>I've committed all my outstanding changes, so hopefully all the cards the
>driver knows about should work for everyone now.

REM56G-100 works with CURRENT right now.

>> I hope you work for this problem. BTW, Does a xircom multi-function card
>> work now?
>Not on OLDCARD, but nothing has changed there.  I believe they should work
>on NEWCARD, but I confess I have no idea how to configure that.

In OLDCARD you could tweak pccard.conf to make modem _or_ network work.
read: http://www.my-opensource.org/lists/myoss/2001-05/msg00053.html

In NEWCARD I don't really know how to do it, I think it's not possible
without working in the driver that should create siX device.

Carlos Velasco

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