[patch] Xircom REM56G-100

Scott Mitchell scott+freebsd at fishballoon.org
Mon Apr 12 08:35:34 PDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 11:27:53AM +0900, Takeshi Shibagaki wrote:
> Hi, scott-san.
> I'm sorry my mistake when I seperated if_xe_pccard.c from if_xe.c.
> I don't have had a DINGO card, so have never tested.

No need to apologise... I only got hold of a Dingo card myself recently,
plus I can only test on an OLDCARD kernel, so embarrasing bugs do tend to
happen :-)

I've committed all my outstanding changes, so hopefully all the cards the
driver knows about should work for everyone now.

> I hope you work for this problem. BTW, Does a xircom multi-function card
> work now?

Not on OLDCARD, but nothing has changed there.  I believe they should work
on NEWCARD, but I confess I have no idea how to configure that.



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