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Sat Apr 10 14:35:21 PDT 2004

Hi Dan, Hi you others,

On Saturday 10 April 2004 17:10, Daniel Eischen wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Apr 2004, Tim Robbins wrote:
> You don't need to rebuild any ports if you globally
> map libc_r to libpthread with /etc/libmap.conf.  Over
> time, when all your ports are upgraded at your leisure,
> references to libc_r will be removed.  Of course,
> portupgrade -af would do the trick much quicker...

Yeah, that was the key-paragraph! I read this already in UPGRADING but 
obviously didn't understand it fully...

'portupgrade -af' is not an option here because of my ISDN-Line (64 
kbit/s). I'm perhaps one of the last users of hm's 'i4b'-package... :-)

> > The golden rule is: don't mix threading libraries within a program.
> > If a program is linked to libc_r, so must all the other
> > thread-aware libraries it links to be. The same goes for
> > libpthread.
> If you are coming from 5.2.1-RELEASE and before, and trying
> to upgrade to -release, the default threading library changed
> from libc_r to libpthread.  This would explain how you would
> be mixing threading libraries and why you need to (at least
> temporarily) use /etc/libmap.conf to choose one.

Yes, I'm coming from 5.0-current... :-)

> > The silver rule is: if you're using the nvidia driver, set up
> > your libmap.conf so that everything gets linked to libc_r.

So that's the "show-stopper" for the nvidia-driver - at least for me for 
the near future until it works with 'libpthread'.

Thank you very much for your explanations!
Ciao/BSD - Matthias

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