buildworld fails on src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.c with opt_ipx.h not found

Paulius Bulotas paulius at
Sat Apr 10 08:09:39 PDT 2004


On 04 04 10, Conrad Sabatier wrote:
> On 10-Apr-2004 Paulius Bulotas wrote:
> > buildworld fails on src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.c with opt_ipx.h
> > being not found. Since this change is 10 days old, maybe I've missed
> > something in mailing list?
> > Maybe the fix should be #ifdef'ing #include "opt_inet.h" and "opt_ipx.h"
> > accordingly with #ifdef IPX and #ifdef INET?
> You mean, I'm *not* the only one seeing this problem?  :-)
> My report on this went completely ignored, so I finally assumed "it must just
> be me".  :-)
> It seems to me a simple insert in the Makefile (as seen in other locations)
> would take care of this:
>         echo "#define IPX 1" > opt_ipx.h
> Why is this still broken???

are you compiling modules with world and not with kernel?

since opt_ipx.h probably should be created from some IPX protocol
initialisation (if it's enabled in kernel config?), although I can't
find anything related (or don't know how to look ;)

In sys/modules/if_ef/Makefile opt_ipx.h is created (since
sys/net/if_ef.c uses opt_ipx.h and #ifdef IPX),
in sys/modules/wlan/Makefile opt_ipx.h is not created (why?), but
sys/net80211/* still compiles ok for most of people??? Something not
right here ;)

Any ideas?


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