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Sat Apr 10 02:54:51 PDT 2004


I'm actually loosing track what's going on with threading libraries in 
FreeBSD -current.

As far as I've read the -current mailinglist 'libkse' is now 
'libpthread' and replaces 'libc_r'. The reason is far better threading 
support with KSEs.

But in the moment I can use either KDE or GNOME only with a 
general /etc/libmap.conf which maps 'libpthread' to 'libc_r', so 
there's no way to use the new 'libpthread' even with other apps which 
could potentially use it.

I don't think that's intended. Am I overlooking something here? Is 
'libkse/libpthread' still not ready for KDE/GNOME and that's subject to 
improve in the future? Is there a (usable) way to use 'libc_r' for KDE 
*only* other than mapping each single KDE app seperately?

Perhaps someone is willing to explain and conclude the "do"s and 
"don't"s around the different threading libraries (not only) to me.

Ciao/BSD - Matthias

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