Monumentally slow directory performance.

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at
Fri Apr 9 13:22:38 PDT 2004

Running a 5.2 supped as of 4/9.

I have the UFS_DIRHASH stuff compiled into my kernel.  Is there some other
frob to actually "turn" it on?

I run softupdates, and moving files from my local box over gig ethernet to a directory
with 5000 files in it is moving about 1 file every 6-7 seconds.

If I move the same files to an empty directory, they move so fast I can' even
read the names, which is more "normal".

Even directories with 2500 or so files seem really, really, really, really slow.
at least for adding/removing.

My FS is UFS2, on a 3ware RAID controller.  I would love any ideas.  smbd 
is burning up 60-70% of the CPU, I've tried kernels with and without all
the witness/diagnostic and all that stuff.

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