M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri Apr 9 08:56:14 PDT 2004

I just committed some rather extensive changes to the pci bus layer.
These changes should help people that need better suspend/resume
support, better resource allocation and resource collision avoidance.

There's only one known issue with this code, which I'll address
shortly.  If you detach a pci device, the BARs are still live, so
there can be interference.

I'm especially interested in people who have no pci bridges in them,
but whose BIOSes don't assign resources correctly and don't have

Let me know how well/poorly this works.  Thanks


P.S.  commit message

imp         2004/04/09 08:44:34 PDT

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/pci          pci.c pci_pci.c pci_private.h 
    sys/dev/acpica       acpi_pci.c acpi_pcib_acpi.c 
  Omnibus PCI commit:
          o Save and restore bars for suspend/resume as well as for D3->D0
          o preallocate resources that the PCI devices use to avoid resource
          o lazy allocation of resources not allocated by the BIOS.
          o set unattached drivers to state D3.  Set power state to D0
            before probe/attach.  Right now there's two special cases
            for this (display and memory devices) that need work in other
            areas of the tree.
  Please report any bugs to me.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +2 -2      src/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_pci.c
  1.31      +22 -1     src/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_pcib_acpi.c
  1.238     +294 -58   src/sys/dev/pci/pci.c
  1.31      +2 -2      src/sys/dev/pci/pci_pci.c
  1.12      +2 -0      src/sys/dev/pci/pci_private.h

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