Future of FreeBSD

Søren Schmidt sos at DeepCore.dk
Fri Apr 9 05:39:58 PDT 2004

Atte Peltomaki wrote:
> Hello FreeBSD users and developers!
> As an active FreeBSD user, I'm ever so interested about the future
> plans of FreeBSD and direction of developement. Many of the features
> that 5.x taunts are very impressive. But as of late I have been
> increasingly worried about the direction (or, lack of direction) things
> have been going. 

FreeBSD is going in the direction that those that contribute their 
(spare) time to it wants it to go in, it is that simple really.

Discussions and rants on these lists takes away the time that those can 
use for doing exactly that.

So if you want another direction, there is one thing you can do, devote 
your time and talent to get things done, dont waste others time by 
trolling around on these lists, thankyou....


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