can't build world from 5.2.1-REL

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Apr 8 12:32:19 PDT 2004

Hey folks,

I've got a dual Xeon machine here that can't seem to build -current from
5.2.1-RELEASE. It appears something is badly broken in the gcc build or
yacc or both.  The victim machine was just freshly installed with
5.2.1-REL, and I've only built the kernel to enable SMP and remove the
drivers I don't use.

The first time I tried to buildworld, it croaked on trying to link
gengtype complaining that a bunch of yy* symbols weren't defined.  I
toasted /usr/obj and built again and got "attempt to use poisoned
"strdup""  messages during a make depend step in cc_tools.

The last time the "poisioned" messages appeared, which was last year, it
was due to broken sed. Looking at the diffs between the foo.c and
foo.c%DIKED files, the correct changes are being made.

I'm working on generating buildworld typescripts once I get a fresh src
tree downloaded to the machine again.  Since my other -current builders,
which update near daily, are building OK, I'm guessing there is a
non-backwards-compatible change in there somewhere.

I'll post the URLs once I get the logs uploaded.

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