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Wed Apr 7 08:35:00 PDT 2004

Doug Ambrisko wrote:

> Kenneth D. Merry writes:
> | On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 20:29:10 -0700, Doug Ambrisko wrote:
> | > I have a SuperMicro system that does the Intel "ICH5-R" RAID.
> | > I should get inspired via the Linux code and see if I can add
> | > that.  So far I've haved setup the RAID but have turned on the ICH
> | > flag.
> | 
> | Adaptec HostRAID is software RAID.  By software RAID, I mean that you only
> | get BIOS support from the card for booting, and after that all of the RAID
> | functionality is handled via the host OS.
> | 
> | Some of their SCSI controllers include HostRAID support.  e.g.:
> | 
> The ICH stuff is not SCSI.  There was no mention of Adaptec in the
> manual for this motherboard.  

There are Supermicro boards with Intel/Marvell SATA controllers that 
have Adaptec HostRAID bioses, drivers for linux (binary only) are 
available in ftp://ftp.supermicro.com/driver/SATA/

There are no mention of these divers on Adaptecs site, from the included 
readmes they seem to be called AAR

As we sell Supermicro, I have different boards to test with if needed.


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