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> I've finished the article on benchmarking FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD
> and Linux, it is available at:

Prepare to be flamed (not by me, but in general).  The tests are littered
with comments like:

    Missing data in the above table signifies operations that were too fast
    to measure correctly by the bonnie++ program.

People will wonder why you chose not to increase the number of files being
tested so as to get meaningful results.  Viewers are left looking at a
mostly-empty table where the BSDs dominate the results by a large margin,
but are told:

    Linux clearly wins the IO throughput test, having a score upto about
    130% better than nearest BSD, either by having a better SCSI driver, or
    because the system itself is just faster.

Since you didn't *publish* any results were Linux won, I'll have to assume
that your private data demonstrated a different conclusion.

You describe your custom FreeBSD 5 kernel as keeping the WITNESS options.

In NetBSD, you say:

    Because of my clumsiness with the installer, or the presence of some
    bugs regarding modifying a FreeBSD partition setup, I wasn"t able to
    partition the drive as intended, but instead the default partition
    scheme was used.

Full stop.  End of test.  You're now comparing bananas to pencils.

Basically, you ran some tests on divergent systems and got some results, but
that's about the only conclusion I was able to get from it.
Kirk Strauser

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 94 outdated ports.
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