pccbb pccard rman - Something is very wrong somewhere

Carlos Velasco freebsd at newipnet.com
Wed Apr 7 04:17:41 PDT 2004

On 06/04/2004 at 23:13 M. Warner Losh wrote:

>: There's code that fails to properly align requests larger than 4k to
>: the appropriate boundary.  Upping things to 64k just papers over that
>: problem, and tends to be somewhat wasteful of resources.
>Hmmm, I should make the CIS mapping be on a 64k boundary and try a
>bunch of the 'problem children' cards.  That might fix a lot of

That's that my patch does (or pretend):
cbb0: PCI Memory allocated: 88000000
cbb1: PCI Memory allocated: 88001000
cis mem map 0xdc538000 (resource: 0x88010000)
pccard0: ccr_res == 88010000-880103ff, base=ff80

Carlos Velasco

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