drive failure, now 'cannot alloc 494581644 bytes for inoinfo' and 'bad inode number 3556352 to nextinode'

Doug White dwhite at
Tue Apr 6 18:53:00 PDT 2004

Please wrap your lines, thanks.

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Will Saxon wrote:

> Today, I had a drive fail in a large raid 5 array hosted off of a ciss
> device. I removed the bad drive but before I was able to get another
> drive swapped in, another drive seemed to just lose power and then the
> system panicked.

Ouch.  Thats Not Good. You might want to have that enclosure checked out.

> I swapped in a spare drive and restarted the system. The controller said
> the array was 'ok' and would recover. However, FreeBSD is having a hard
> time fsck'ing the partition.

I can pretty much assure you the volume isn't OK. The types of errors
you're seeing are indicative of severe corruption, usually due to random
data being written over critical filesystem blocks.  I'd suggest running a
parity verify against the volume to force corrections to start with --
this can't make it any worse than it already is, and may recover the
damaged blocks on the disk that lost power.

You could also try running fsck against an alternate superblock to get
around any corruption thats specific to the primary superblock, but my
experience with this kind of failure has shown that there's usually more
significant damage than just a mulched superblock.

Its quite likely that the filesystem is not recoverable.   Hope you have
backups :-)

> At the time of the crash, I was using FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC2, however I have
> since updated to 5.2.1-RELEASE-p4. The array has 1 partition and 2
> slices - one 4GB swap slice and 1 400+GB storage slice. This was being
> used in a samba pilot and had the softupdates, suiddir, noexec, nodev
> and acl options enabled.
> Basically, in phase 1 fsck -y complains that it cannot allocate enough
> bytes for inoinfo, then there are a bunch of the following:
> then finally:
> fsck_4.2bsd: bad inode number 3556352 to nextinode
> Any ideas?
> -Will
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