Soyo 6-in-one USB memory card reader

Fred Gilham gilham at
Tue Apr 6 09:37:36 PDT 2004


I'm using 5.2 CURRENT as of March 6.  I've been using CURRENT on this
box for a year or so now, and the behavior described below has
occurred since I installed the Soyo device.

I have a Soyo 6-in-one memory card reader/writer that connects to a
USB port on my computer.  When this device is plugged in, the system
will not boot but halts with a BTX error.

If I hit spaces before the system tries to boot FreeBSD, then I get a
prompt and I can type "/boot/loader" at the prompt and the system will
boot and everything will work.  The 6-in-one reader works fine once
the system is booted.

Seems like a stray interrupt problem that gets masked when I generate
interrupts by hitting space on the keyboard.  (Does this sound right
or is it total nonsense???)

Any suggestions as to how I can deal with this?

Fred Gilham                                          gilham at
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