strange time output

Divacky Roman xdivac02 at
Mon Apr 5 09:10:26 PDT 2004


on my machine (current at p2 233Mhz, may supply more info) tcsh gives this:
necrophilia ~# time sleep 2
0.000u 0.033s 0:02.03 1.4%      6+220k 0+0io 0pf+0w
necrophilia ~#

on ANY other machine its something like:
onyx ~$ time sleep 2
0.000u 0.000s 0:02.00 0.0%      0+0k 0+0io 131pf+0w
onyx ~$

I mean everywhere else its 0+0k which is
%X  The average amount in (shared) text space used in  %Kbytes.
%D  The average amount in (unshared) %data/stack space  used  in Kbytes.

can you explain this? also on this machine when I issue "openssl speed"
it takes about 2.7 sec for each 3 second round...

can you explain me this?

thnx Roman Divacky

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