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FreeBSD cvs-src summary for 28/03/04 to 04/04/04
This is a regular weekly summary of FreeBSD's cutting-edge development.
It is intended to help the FreeBSD community keep up with the fast-paced
work going on in FreeBSD-CURRENT by distilling the deluge of data from
the CVS mailing list into a (hopefully) easy-to-read newsletter.  This
newsletter is marked up in reStructuredText_, so any odd punctuation
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New features
Ezm3 imported into base system
Maxime Henrion (mux) imported John Polstra (jdp)'s Ezm3_ Modula-3 compiler
into the base system.  Ezm3 is a stripped-down version of Modula-3,
containing only the code necessary to compile and run CVSup_.  This will
make it easier for people to build CVSup from source when needed.

.. _Ezm3:
.. _CVSup:

Driver for 3ware 9000 series ATA RAID controllers added
Vinod Hashyap (vkashyap) added a driver for `3ware's 9000 series`_
high-performance serial- and parallel-ATA RAID controllers.  The new
driver is named "twa".

.. _`3ware's 9000 series`:

libpcap and tcpdump updated to version 3.8.3
Bruce M. Simpson (bms) imported libpcap and tcpdump version 3.8.3. libpcap
is a library for packet sniffing and injection, and tcpdump sniffs packets
from the network.  The tcpdump update fixes a denial-of-service bug in the
ISAKMP code; please see the `Rapid7 advisory`_ for more information on the
hole.  The `libpcap changelog`_ and `tcpdump changelog`_ have more details
on other changes.

.. _`Rapid7 advisory`:
.. _`libpcap changelog`:
.. _`tcpdump changelog`:

Polling support for Sundance Technologies ST201 Ethernet (ste)
Ruslan Ermilov (ru) added support for device polling, which allows the
kernel to poll devices rather than depending on interrupts, to the ste
driver.  Device polling improves performance on loaded networks.  The
ST201 chip is found on the D-Link DFE-550TX and DFE-530TXS, as well as on
other Ethernet cards and motherboards.

Thread debugging improved
Marcel Moolenaar (marcel) committed a number of patches to the threading
code, adding internal thread IDs and modifying the core dumping code.  The
end result is that one can see the threads in the debugger when looking at
a core file.

find grows an option for ACLs
Bosko Milekic (bmilekic) committed a patch to find for ACL (Access Control
List) handling.  The patch adds an option called "-acl" that finds files
with extended ACLs set.  Bosko committed a slightly modified version of a
patch written by Christian S. J. Peron.

New driver for Cronyx-Sigma WAN adapters MFC'ed
Roman Kurakin (rik) merged to -STABLE the new driver for Cronyx-Sigma WAN
adapters, used for T1/E1, T3/T3, and similar WAN interface cards.  The old
driver was replaced entirely, and has been retired.  The new driver also
changes the configuration utility from cxconfig to sconfig.

OpenSSL 0.9.7d MFC'ed
Jacques Vidrine (nectar) merged OpenSSL 0.9.7d to -STABLE.  This follows
the same update in -CURRENT, which was mentioned_ a couple of weeks ago.
The denial-of-service vulnerability mentioned there was patched in -STABLE
and the security branches at that time; this is just the rest of the
0.9.7d update.

.. _mentioned:

New fortunes and calendars for -STABLE
Dag-Erling Smorgrav (des) merged the -CURRENT fortune data files to
-STABLE, adding and rearranging numerous fortunes.  He also merged the
calendar files, which had a number of updates.

Notable changes
Stricter CVS control scripts
After conferring with core, Jun Kuriyama (kuriyama) added new scripts to
the CVS server to help prevent accidental commits to restricted branches.
The scripts make sure that the committer has included a line saying
"Approved by: ", followed by an appropriate name (usually security-officer
or re), depending on which branch the commit is being made to.

Discussion topics
PS2 vs. USB keyboards at boot time
Alfred Perlstein (alfred) committed a change to the GENERIC kernel
configuration file so that PS2 keyboards can be plugged in and work after
bootup.  However, this same change means that USB keyboards will not be
found by default.  Peter Wemm (peter) replied and pointed out that the
change breaks USB keyboards; Alfred responded that turning on a flag would
make them work again.  John Baldwin also replied, asking Alfred to revert
the change, since it had not been adequately reviewed.  Alfred argued that
the change had been discussed a long time ago, and that the consensus was
that PS2 keyboard hot swapping was more important.  Scott Long (scottl)
asked Alfred to revert the change in -STABLE since the 4.10 release is
coming soon, which he did.

Committer changes
M. Warner Losh (imp) moved a number of committers to inactive status,
some after several years since their last commit and many unanswered
reminder e-mails, and some at their request.  He also noted that core has
a policy of retiring commit bits that have been unused for 18 months.
This retirement is temporary; committers who are inactive can e-mail core
to be reinstated.

Other bug fixes
Ruslan Ermilov (ru) committed a fix for VLAN support on National
Semiconductor gigabit Ethernet boards.  These chips are used on many
popular cards, including ones from Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, and SMC.  The
VLAN problem was reported by Jacob S. Barrett.

Sam Leffler (sam) merged many minor fixes, mostly obtained from the
madwifi project, to the 802.11 wireless networking code.  These changes
mostly affect the Atheros (ath) driver.


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