FBSD 5.2.1-p4 and mysqld problems

Daryl Chance chancedj at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 2 19:48:37 PST 2004

ah! thanks :)

It just happened again and I was able to collect the
data again.

Before I did mysqladmin shutdown/killall -11 mysqld

a few times the 3 giant processes would show as -, but
then it got to the point where they weren't changing
one bit (staying at Giant)

after I did mysqladmin shutdown/killall -11 mysqld

this eventually cleared up after a minute or so.

I've given some serious thought to upgrading to
-CURRENT, but with the network stack commit comming
soon (or happening now), I don't want to get caught in
the middle of it and have severe problems. Perhaps I
should use a tag for the time right around the sysctl
change for the mp stack?

The guy running the site just wants me to (have
someone at the colo) format the machine and go back to

Oh, I now have witness in the kernel...no deadlocks
from what I've seen.


--- Doug White <dwhite at gumbysoft.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Daryl Chance wrote:
> > Thanks for your response.  It just happened a few
> > minutes ago and i was able to capture all the
> output
> > into a text file.
> >
> > http://sql.tribalwar.com/ps.txt
> oops, sorry, I get those confused. You want 'ps
> axlwww'.  WCHAN will be a
> string like "select".
> > I have WITNESS* options compiled into the kernel
> and
> > am going to reboot soon.  Do you think it would
> help
> > in debugging this to see if there are any
> deadlocks?
> Potentially, although I get 100% cpu loops with kde
> that won't trigger any
> witness or invariants checks.
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