ANN: New version of jailadmin

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Fri Apr 2 13:15:29 PST 2004

I've released a new version of JailAdmin, my jail management project.  New
features include:

 - The ability to apply devfs rulesets to mounted /dev directories.

 - A configurable parallelized shutdown function (let 5 ports at a time
   "wait 10 seconds" simultaneously, for example). This can dramatically
   decrease the time required to reboot a set of jails.

 - A way to specify default options to apply to all jails.

 - The ability to specify a waiting period after mounting a filesystem (on a
   per-mountpoint basis). For example, some users had problems with a jail
   using mounts within NFS shares when those NFS shares don't become
   available instantaneously.

 - A new Makefile for easier installation and removal.

 - Named groups.  A command line like

      jailadmin stop webservers

   can operate on an arbitrary number of jails at once without having to
   specify each one individually.

I've finally gotten around to creating and submitting an entry to the ports
collection.  Until/unless it is accepted, you can download the new version

Thanks for the continued interest!
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
 82 outdated ports on the box."
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