there is a bug in twe driver or disk subsystem for sure

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Fri Apr 2 12:49:45 PST 2004

In message <20040402204303.GA97274 at>, Paul Saab writes:
>Poul-Henning Kamp (phk at wrote:
>> You're wrong vinod, the bug _is_ most likely in the 3ware driver.
>No, the guy is claiming the 3ware driver is buggy because of the
>error reported on reboot, which is standard now for any filesystem
>which is mounted and you try to unload the driver (such as on reboot).
>Granted this error should probably be silented for this case, but without
>a full stacktrace, we have no idea where the bug is coming from.
>I have a similar config at the office and have been unable to reproduce
>this problem, but i also haven't tried very hard.

You have DIAGNOSTICS in the kernel ?

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