there is a bug in twe driver or disk subsystem for sure

Vinod Kashyap vkashyap at
Fri Apr 2 11:07:13 PST 2004

The 3ware (twe) driver is obviously not causing this panic.
It's something else (at line 128 in file /usr/src/sys/udm_dbg.c).

Every time you try deleting a unit with mounted filesystems,
or shutdown the system with mounted filesystems on 3ware units,
you will see the message you mention, since the driver tries
to delete the unit, but finds it to be busy.  Don't let the system
panic, and simply shut it down.  You should still see the message.


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Subject: there is a bug in twe driver or disk subsystem for sure

I am running 5.2-CURRENT. The box has 3w 8506-4LP
SATA raid controller and freebsd is install onto raid5 array.

Almost everytime i pull a hotswap disk (one out of four)
or when very heavy disk activity (like background fsck after
crashing on a 310GB label) i get the following after 10 or
so minutes of uptime:

Memory modified after free 0x788f400(508) val=20202020 @ 0xe788f400
panic: Most recently used by devbuf
at line 128 in file /usr/src/sys/udm_dbg.c
Debugger ("panic")
Stopped at Debugger +0.46: xchgl %ebx, in_Debugger.0

and i typed 'c' in debugger:

the system started to shutdown and here is what i saw:

twe0: failed to delete unit 0
stray irq9

The box is:
permicro X5DPE-G2 motherboard
DUAL XEON 2.66Ghz (HT enabled) 533Mhz bus

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