nss_ldap broken

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Apr 1 17:35:53 PST 2004

:I don't know if you overestimate it or not for practical purposes, i.e.
:I'm not sure how many applications are actually affected.  However, it
:makes me quite nervous.  There are many uses of `plug-in' APIs that
:involve dlopen/dlclose of dynamic objects.  So, I also think we should
:codify how these cases should be handled.

    Ha.  I think people know where I stand on NSS.

    The CAPS (ipc) code in DFly is coming along nicely, and I just 
    finished a portable structural encoding for requests and responses
    (it's a userlevel encoding.  The actual syscall interface passes
    opaque data and doesn't care what the message's format is).
    The next step is to actually begin implementing directory services
    with it in DFly.

    The primary syscall interface for CAPS is now using XIO in DFly (which
    is basically an encapsulation of Alan Cox's use of SF_BUF's, similar to
    how his PIPE code works), so it would be easily ported to FreeBSD.  The
    syscall API isn't quite up to snuff yet, I need to change its cid's over
    to use real file descriptros, but it's very close to what I wanted.


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