Nvidia problem fixed in current?

Chris chris at tellme3times.com
Sun Nov 30 18:06:55 PST 2003

Justin Smith wrote:

> The kernel nvidia driver worked fine in 5.1. It only STOPPED working 
> when I upgraded to 5.2 beta (and rebuilt and reinstalled the kernel 
> driver).
> This is a problem of 5.2 vs 5.1 ---- something changed that stopped it 
> from working. Perhaps some libraries in 5.2 are no longer compatible 
> with the nvidia kernel driver (since it is, fundamentally, a binary 
> program --- one cannot recompile the core of it).
> Perhaps it's a problem with AGP in 5.2. Slowing down AGP (to 1x) 
> allows the nvidia driver to work but it still reboots the machine 
> whenever I try to do anything that involves OpenGL...
> Also, it's odd the the thing fails in such a strange manner (rebooting 
> the machine without any error messages).

I had this with an ASUS mother board. Could not  figure it out intill 
the board failed and  I replaced the board.


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