Western Digital WD360GD SATA disk on -CURRENT

Soren Schmidt sos at spider.deepcore.dk
Sun Nov 30 00:56:28 PST 2003

It seems Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> I agree.  I really needed to be up and running ASAP, so I opted for the
> new controller.  Søren, if you're listening, and need an SiI controller
> for testing, you're free to have mine.  Else, I can keep it and test it
> as needed (I can put a test drive on it).

I have both the old one with the errata and the new one without so
thanks for the offer but it might be betterused somewhere else.

> I have a basic time line.  Everything worked fine until I upgraded on
> November 18 at 02:23 UTC.  I had a 160 GB Seagate SATA drive running on
> the same chipset for about a month before that.  As soon as I rebooted
> on the new kernel, everything went south.  Until Søren told me about the
> buggy chipset, I was going to back my ATA drivers back to November 11,
> 2003 00:00 UTC, and see if that helped.  That was right before a big
> change went into the driver.

I dont recall doing any major changes in that timeline, what exact
large changes are you talking about ??


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