Western Digital WD360GD SATA disk on -CURRENT

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at marcuscom.com
Sat Nov 29 22:49:23 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-29 at 23:56, Will Andrews wrote:
> Hi,
> Ever since I found the set of commits which broke probing this
> disk on/about September 1, I have attempted to boot a JPSNAP
> about once a week.  Up to this day, on which I tried 5.2-BETA
> (official ISO), it has never again probed this drive correctly.
> I'm using it with a:
> atapci1 at pci2:6:0:       class=0x018000 card=0x31121095 chip=0x31121095 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
>     vendor   = 'Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)'
>     device   = 'SiI 3112 SATARaid Controller'
>     class    = mass storage
> (note, no RAID has been configured, only one disk is attached)
> Has anyone had better luck?  Thanks.

I have a host controller with the same chipset.  I was having frequent
data corruption problems, so I asked about it on current@ a few days
ago.  so@ offered a patch (which has now been comitted), but it didn't
help.  Bottom line, he said to get a Promise SATA card.  Since I don't
want to mess around with this anymore, I went to Amazon, and ordered
one.  In looking at this output, I doubt the patch would even affect you
since you're using the new hardware revision.

For more details, check the archives for current@ for a thread with the
subject, "Recent ATA drivers giving problems with SATA."


> Regards,
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