Need to trim the disc1 packages

Alfred Perlstein bright at
Sat Nov 29 16:03:22 PST 2003

* Scott Long <scottl at> [031129 15:55] wrote:
> All,
> We are badly overflowing the disc1 release ISO with packages, and need
> to trim it down.  One package that could easily get axed is the
> linux-netscape-communicator package.  It is 17MB in size, and is of
> questionable value since it is severely out of date.  Does anyone still
> rely on it, or can I safely remove it?  It's only value seemed to be
> it's ability to run old linux-specific browser plugins.  If I remove it,
> it will still be available from the FTP site, just not on disc1.

Uh, it's really stable and useable expecially on older machines,
it'd be nice to have it easily accessable.  That said I'm not going
to fight for it, but perhaps you can find a bunch of less visible
or more bloated (*cough*emacs*cough*) packages to ditch. :)

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