PII SMP system hangs during boot with ACPI enabled

George Hartzell hartzell at kestrel.alerce.com
Sat Nov 29 11:34:51 PST 2003

Nate Lawson writes:
 > No way!  Good (non-386) equipment is never to old.  :)
 > Please add debug.acpi.disable="cpu" to loader.conf or type that in at the
 > loader prompt.  If it boots ok, we'll have to debug the acpi_cpu_startup
 > path.

Speaking of which, I have a "Good" (see above...) motherboard looking
for a worthy home.  It's a dual 266MHZ processor PII motherboard
(Supermicro P6DLE) with 256MB of ram.

It was running just fine when I removed it from it's case (I upgraded
that box to a 370DLE).  It's been comfortably running -stable for a
long time, and deserves a good home.

Some info is available at:

It's free to anyone who can convince me that they'll give it a good


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