Anybody using gp driver?

GerritKühn gerrit at
Fri Nov 28 06:43:25 PST 2003

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 01:48:59AM -0700, M. Warner Losh wrote:

> : Oops, is it /that/ bad?

> I can't convince myself that it would have any chance of working.
> That's why I asked.

Hm, doesn't sound very promising then. :)

> : Well, as I said above: I'm not using it so far, but given some time I may be
> : able to find out if it's still working.

> Please let me know if you succeed.

I'll send you a message then. Although I really don't know when I should
find time to play around with those things. I have working gpib PCI/PCMCIA
cards under Linux and need to get some measurements done before I can think
about making things "more challanging" (like changing over to FreeBSD or 
trying out some of the ancient 8bit cards :-).
Anyway, do I need FreeBSD 4.x for the tests or is there any chance that 5.x
will work with this driver, too?

BTW: Are there more people around (except for you and me :-) who would like 
to see decent gpib-support in FreeBSD? I can remember that even the free 
gpib driver for Linux was unmaintained for some years until it became almost
unusable (only for kernel 2.0.x then, with 2.4.x already out in the streets).
Luckily some people have taken up the development some months ago, so there
is a version working for 2.4.x now.
Is there any chance to benefit from the Linux driver, or will a FreeBSD
driver require to be rewritten from scratch?


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