LOR or panic with ips driver (was Re: cvs commit:src/sys/dev/ips ips.c ips.h ips_commands.c)

Martin Blapp mb at imp.ch
Fri Nov 28 05:27:19 PST 2003


> After seeing this commit message, I've upgraded -CURRENT installed on
> NetFinity 6000R(with ServeRAID 4H) to catch up with the recent changes.
> However, LOR or panic still persists. You can panic your -CURRENT machine
> by creating a log of files in a directory. You can do it with a simple
> shell script like this:
> $ mkdir foo; i=0; while :; do echo $i > foo/$i; i=$(($i+1)); done

Just tested this bug on our ServeRaid 5i, it doesn't happen here. The machines
just runs out of inodes.

Anyone else with a ServeRAID 4H can try this ?


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