5.x DOS against NFS server

Michael L. Squires mikes at siralan.org
Thu Nov 27 19:39:36 PST 2003

Guy Van Sanden
> I just ran nmap <host>...
> Nessus has the same effect.

When running "nmap <host> (nmap 2.53 on a 4.9-STABLE box)) against a 5.2-BETA 
host on the host I see

Nove 27 13:06:24 mikes sm-mta[483]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): getrequests: accept: Software caused connection abort
Nove 27 13:06:24 mikes nfsd[392]: accept failed: Software caused connection abort

between messages about response rate limits to nmap queries.

On the client running 5.1-CURRENT with "bonnie" using a 100MB file
on a volume NFS mounted from the 5.2-BETA server there are no log
messages and no obvious error messages; "bonnie" finishes normally.

Mike Squires

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