5.2-BETA: giving up on 4 buffers (ata)

Enache Adrian enache at rdslink.ro
Thu Nov 27 09:16:21 PST 2003

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 a.d., Bruce Evans wrote:
> > This is a known problem for nearly three months now (See PR 56675). It
> > happens to me every time I shut down the system if i don't unmount my
> > (read-only) ext2 file systems manually.
> I'm not sure if the problem is known for the read-only case.  It is
> the same problem as in the read-write case.  ext2fs hangs onto buffers,
> so shutdown cannot tell if it can look at the buffers and considers
> them to be busy.  Then since shutdown cannot tell if it synced all dirty
> buffers or which buffers are associated with which file systems, it
> doesn't unmount any file systems and all dirty file systems that aren't
> unmounted before shutdown are left dirty.  Read-only-mounted ext2fs file
> systems aren't left dirty but they break cleaning of other file systems.

I positively know that the given up buffers are the ones got with
bread() in compute_sb_data() (ext2_vfsops:481).
I doesn't matter if the mount is rw or ro.

The comments in fs.h:155 suggests they will be released by biodone,
but this doesn't happen :-)


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