UFS lockups

Sławek Żak szak at era.pl
Thu Nov 27 06:50:29 PST 2003

Sławek Żak <szak at era.pl> writes:

> Sławek Żak <szak at era.pl> writes:
>> I observe UFS lockups under heavy I/O. To reproduce the problem run around
>> 10 copies of cp -Rp /usr/some-random-dir. All cp's after some time are hanging
>> on getblk. du's running concurrently are hanging in ufs state. The filesystems
>> are UFS2. The Server is running 5.2-BETA on SMP Dell 2650. Filesystems are laid
>> on Adaptec RAID controller (aac). Any ideas how to trace the problem?
>     I managed to obtain trace of one of the processes hung in the ufs
>     state. Sorry for the form, I can't make a text dump of the messages.

    Mailman removed the attachment. Here it is:



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