Panic with ugen

Jay Cornwall jay at
Thu Nov 27 06:33:34 PST 2003

Daan Vreeken [PA4DAN] wrote:

> If you have time left, could you perhaps also have a look at kern/51186?
> I have filed it back in March and it's still open. (Fixes a memory corruption 
> bug in ugen).

I'm not a committer, I'm afraid, so it's probably best to get in touch with 
the code maintainer. (imp at, if the PR is correct - he did reply at 
the bottom of the PR)

But from a brief look at the code, I can't see anything getting past this line:
   if(sce->fill < sce->cur && sce->cur <= sce->fill + count)

If sce->fill is less than sce->cur, then sce->cur can only be <= (sce->fill + 
count) if count is negative. But I haven't studied the code that closely, so 
maybe I'm just missing something obvious. :)

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