rtld + static linking

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 27 03:24:43 PST 2003

Mark Murray wrote:
> Terry Lambert writes:
> > Since I have patches to make dlopen work with static binaries, and
> [ snip ]
> > As to inevitable "where are the patches?", please check the -current
> > list archives, you will find at least one set there.
> I've looked without much success. Could you give a timeframe, a subject
> and/or something?

Note that the part you snipped indicated that the patches were
posted by a third party, and that my own patches had been offered,
but were not posted in their entirety to the mailing list.  In
actuality, I only ever posted portions of my own patches, since
they also required compiler and linker changes.

Here is the reference for Max Khon's patches, which were posted,
by reference, in their entirety:

| Date:      Tue, 5 Nov 2002 13:21:42 +0600
| From:      Max Khon <fjoe at iclub.nsu.ru>
| To:        Jake Burkholder <jake at locore.ca>
| Cc:        current at FreeBSD.ORG
| Subject:   Re: libc size

Portions of my patches were posted as part of the discussion
which took place in the same thread.  There did not seem to be
much buy-in on the idea of modifying the compiler tools.

The context of the discussion was for dealing with moving the
resolver and other things out of libc, so that they could be
more easily upgraded.

For the purposes of handling PAM/NSS modules, Max's patches
would work to move everything back to a static linking footing.

FWIW, I dislike this idea, since static ELF libraries do not
properly link against other static ELF libraries, and that type
of chaning only works for dynamically linked ELF libraries (for
no good reason).

-- Terry

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