requesting vinum help

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Nov 27 01:37:46 PST 2003

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> With Greg being a core@ member, and well known for his ability to
> talk an acturan megadonkey into taking a stroll after first having
> talked its legs off about procedural issues, "Doing something about
> vinum" is permanently on the "we should really..." list and everybody
> hopes somebody else will "deal with it".  Of course, in the eX-Mozilla-Status: 0009This isn't a completely fair statement.

A lot of people "do something" about vinum: the break it by
changing interfaces out from under it, while failing to
adequately maintain vinum, or, in fact, other code which uses
those same interfaces.

There is no such thing as "bit rot"; there is only code that
is unmaintained by the people who change interfaces out from
under it.

FreeBSD lost LFS, XNS, and a lot of other code to people who
made interface changes, and then later claimed that the code
suffered "bit rot", when in fact it was obsoleted by those
people making that claim failing to get general buy-in for
their code changes.

FWIW, even though I support the idea of dynamically linking
everything, the flipping of the switch there followed this
same pattern.

-- Terry

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