Announcing 5.2-BETA

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Nov 26 19:11:44 PST 2003

To follow up to myself, there likely will not be a package-filled disc1
for the BETA due to it overflowing with the present package list.  We
will have that resolved for the first RC.  Also, attached is the
PGP-signed MD5 sums for the i386 and alpha ISOs.


Scott Long wrote:
> All,
> It's my pleasure to announce the availability of 5.2-BETA ISO images and 
> ftp install sets for i386 and alpha.  Amd64, sparc64, ia64, and pc98
> sets will be available shortly.  Please test this as much as possible
> and let us know of the problems that you find.  Some known problems to
> watch out for:
> - Certain SMP systems may fail to boot.  Disabling ACPI may work around
>   this.
> - NFS might be unstable in certain situations, though we have not been
>   able to identify what situations yet.
> - Rebuilding ata-raid arrays may cause panics.
> Please see the 5.2 TODO list at 
> for the list of other
> problems and areas that need testing.
> ISO images and ftp install sets are available from and
> its mirrors at /pub/FreeBSD/releases/<ARCH>.  If the bits have not 
> reached your favorite mirror yet, please check the list of alternate
> mirrors at
> Please help us make 5.2 the best FreeBSD release ever!
> Thank you,
> The Release Engineering Team

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Hash: SHA1

MD5 (5.2-BETA-i386-disc2.iso) = 23b44e0ea7b179308f1ff1d22e665c20
MD5 (5.2-BETA-i386-miniinst.iso) = 59ffb02b0f0ceef26318021daba636e7
MD5 (5.2-BETA-alpha-disc2.iso) = e2528a5f87a9166eff10231f1064dcb1
MD5 (5.2-BETA-alpha-miniinst.iso) = 09d57190ca3a85a4875007ce12f05db4
Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (FreeBSD)


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