Recent ATA drivers giving problems with SATA

Soren Schmidt sos at
Wed Nov 26 13:07:04 PST 2003

It seems Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > There are some early issues of the SiI3112 chips that has problems that
> > can cause datacorruption etc etc..
> > You can try the following patch (which btw re@ has for approval), 
> > otherwise I'd try another controller as there seem to be no end of the
> > troubles with the Sii 3112 chips (brings back to mind the horror times
> > from when they where called CMD and did the CMD640 disaster)...
> On the "other controller" front, what about the Adaptec 1205SA host
> controller?

I dont know that one, and Adaptec say nothing about what hardware
they use on thier web (why does that have to be a secret until you
have bought the product, or is that exaclty why ?).

I suspect it is the same as the 1210SA RAID thing just without the
RAID part of the BIOS, ie thats also a ds3112 chip (with Adaptecs
"special" PCI id, *sigh*)..

Go for Promise, they support us with docs and HW for development :)


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