Announcing 5.2-BETA

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Nov 26 07:17:43 PST 2003


It's my pleasure to announce the availability of 5.2-BETA ISO images and 
ftp install sets for i386 and alpha.  Amd64, sparc64, ia64, and pc98
sets will be available shortly.  Please test this as much as possible
and let us know of the problems that you find.  Some known problems to
watch out for:

- Certain SMP systems may fail to boot.  Disabling ACPI may work around
- NFS might be unstable in certain situations, though we have not been
   able to identify what situations yet.
- Rebuilding ata-raid arrays may cause panics.

Please see the 5.2 TODO list at for the list of other
problems and areas that need testing.

ISO images and ftp install sets are available from and
its mirrors at /pub/FreeBSD/releases/<ARCH>.  If the bits have not 
reached your favorite mirror yet, please check the list of alternate
mirrors at

Please help us make 5.2 the best FreeBSD release ever!

Thank you,

The Release Engineering Team

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