Getting USB detach events enabled in time for 5.2-R?

Johny Mattsson lonewolf-freebsd at
Tue Nov 25 23:05:49 PST 2003

Hi all,

I was wondering if there's any possibility in getting USB detach events 
working in time for the 5.2 release?

The PR in question is kern/46488, and I submitted patches for this issue 
quite a while ago (Oct 24). Unfortunately jmg appears to be busy with 
other things as I have been unable to get in touch with him to discuss 
this one.

The basic issue is that currently no USB detach events are delivered 
when a device detaches. The particular call to do so is commented out in 
usb_subr.c, and I discovered why when I brought it back in action - 
Instant Panic(tm) on detach for some devices. I rooted out why it 
happens and provided patches for it (see specifics in the PR and 
referenced emails there). The changes are quite small (~5 lines), and 
have been verified by others than myself.

My reasoning for wanting this fixed in time for 5.2-R is that it's 
functionality advertised in the manpages for e.g. usbd(8), and it's 
quite important for people who rely on external USB keyboards for their 
laptops, amongst other things.

If I'm being too pushy about this, then my apologies, but I wanted to 
bring this one into the spotlight for a moment since I think it's a good 
tradeoff in terms of functionality gained vs effort involved.

If I can be of any further assistance in regards to this, please let me 

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