requesting vinum help

Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Nov 25 08:48:55 PST 2003

> Could a vinum guru please contact me via email?
> I've lost 2 vinum volumes as a result of the latest fiasco and naturally
> am eager to figure out what's going on and recover the data.

This isn't necessarily directed at you - I'm just using this email as a 
footstep to send this general comment -

I am kind of under the assumption that -current is more of a test bed, 
and anything can happen at any time, which is why it's bad to run 
-current on a machine you care deeply about (at least its data).  I 
think I've seen at least 5 mails in the past few weeks about people 
getting jammed into a corner with (what sounds like) production type 
boxes, or at least important boxes (or they wouldn't need a vinum?).. It 
seems odd to me that they wouldn't give it a whirl first before 
attempting to use it on a box they seem so protective of.

Anyway, I'm just stating that running -current is for testing and 
developing, not really for production - at least I'm fairly certain.

Feel free to delete this mail and ignore me..


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