HEADS UP: /bin and /sbin are now dynamically linked

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Mon Nov 24 22:43:45 PST 2003

> need it or not. :-) So, FTP server is not concern. /rescue/fetch MAY help
> to recover RUINED FreeBSD from ashes... As /rescue/mount_cd9660, or
> mount_msdosfs... In other words we can drom mount_msdosfs from /rescue
> just because almost everybody can burn CD... We will save a few KBytes of

FWIW, *large* installations, don't bother with buying floppies and cdroms.

(By large I mean > 1000 machines.)

Then again, places with large installations, probably don't use
the freebsd installer, *or* have the clue to not be (too) hurt by these

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