Make it so that nobody wins

Frank Mayhar frank at
Mon Nov 24 21:06:49 PST 2003

Richard Coleman wrote:
> Neither side of the static/dynamic root debate wants to give in.  And 
> neither side wants to be one the that has to recompile the world to get 
> what they want.  So make it so that no one wins.

Actually, I don't have a personal axe to grind so much as I just feel
that this is a mistake.  But whatever.

> 1. Have sysinstall ask whether you want a dynamic or static root installed.
> 2. When recompiling the world, make it mandatory that DYNAMICROOT=YES/NO 
> exits in make.conf.
> Neither side wins, neither side loses.  Now both side will hate it equally.
> Of course, I'm only being half serious.  But in a bizarre way, it kinda 
> makes sense.

Hey, that works for me!  If nothing else it will keep some attention on
the issue.
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