40% slowdown with dynamic /bin/sh

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Mon Nov 24 19:06:19 PST 2003

M. Warner Losh writes:
 > In message: <16322.47726.903593.393976 at grasshopper.cs.duke.edu>
 > I'm just saying that most of the developers I'm talking to on IRC say
 > this tread is insane, has no content and they are blowing it off
 > because of that.  A concrete, real benchmark will go a long way
 > towards changing that.  Until then, you are as good as kill filed.

How about Gordon's initial bootstone, which increased by 25%?

And I just did a "make clean" run in /usr/ports/archivers (by manually
mv'ing a static and dynamic sh to /bin in turn):

static:       96.63 real        53.45 user        39.27 sys
dynamic:     112.42 real        55.51 user        51.62 sys

The wall clock is bad (16% worse) and the system time is worse (31%).


1) Microbenchmark:	40% worse
2) Bootstone(*):	25% worse
3) Ports:		16% worse



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